Bambam – This guy features his Moonlight during the Pisces and that i physically love Moonlight conjunct Sunlight consider synastry!

Bambam – This guy features his Moonlight during the Pisces and that i physically love Moonlight conjunct Sunlight consider synastry!

Jinyoung – They are an effective Virgo, that’s an other indication so you’re able to Pisces! There is a lot regarding water in the graph, his Venus and you can Mars and you will Juno are within the water cues, thus i believe he would getting really drawn to Pisces.

Draw – Mark is additionally a good Virgo, but they have reduced liquids dictate, as compared to Jinyoung. However, their 7th residence is into the Pisces, very he definitely pulls those with that energy and you can has getting up to them!

Jackson – Jackson indeed have many worlds in the Pisces, therefore i imagine the ability would-be attractive to your and you will they would work effectively together with her! However, total, In my opinion he’d end up being in addition to this with assorted cues.

Yugyeom – Everyone loves Scorpios and you will Pisces together! In my opinion he’d feel attracted to this new vitality and you may vibes off Pisces, but he is served by many earth in his chart and you can would delight in one feeling a whole lot more.

Leo energy sources are intimate, showy and those someone take pleasure in the what you they do, particularly when considering sex hahah

Youngjae – Several other Virgo, very the thing i told you from the Virgo and Pisces Suns just before is applicable here! Tho he has their Mars, Venus and Juno during the flame signs, very however be attracted to those far more.

Jaebum – I think you to definitely I have stated so it just before, but JB means someone to difficulty your and you can bring your aside out of his safe place which anyone probably features good heavens placements.

Jinyoung – He could be the perfect instance of so it declaration lol. Jinyoung is obviously a guy, however, in all honesty I think each one of these guys are, in which he is for sure a nut on the sheets. It is mostly due to their Scorpio Venus and the examine together with his Virgo Sunlight. We understand one Scorpio was freaks, they are recognized for are extremely sexual and intimate and several of 321chat incelemesi them are available to almost anything.

Jackson – Jackson is such a gentleman and I think it shows publicly the most compared to the other guys. He can be very sweet and soft because of his Pisces energy thats quite heavy in his chart tune in for their chart study, their not far off hehe. But the Aries Venus and Mars in the 1st house puts him right behind Jinyoung on this list. The best word to describe Aries with is probably wild lol. He definitely fits the definition as well.

Yugyeom – He is actually a great Scorpio Sunlight, I really don’t imagine I must state more lol. Yugyeom has his Mars and you may Venus inside the Capricorn and they people can in fact score very slutty! They know what they want and understand how to have it. Scorpio and you may Capricorn opportunity blended together with her tends to make people very selective and you will freaky definitely.

Very Jinyoung which have his world regarding love here leaves him for the the initial put

Jaebeom – JB is a guy with you to definitely Capricorn! He’s got his Mars and you will Venus contained in this signal, just like Yugyeom, thus what you said there enforce right here, tho the new Scorpio time comes from Jaebum’s Moon.

Youngjae – Youngjae is here now due to their Leo Venus and Mars. Identical to Jinyoung, I do believe the latest examine together with Virgo Sun while the flaming Leo Venus and you can Mars match that it declaration as well.

Mark – Other Virgo Sunshine, so fundamentally the thing i said about that just before applies which have Draw as well. His Venus is during Leo in the 3rd and you can Mars when you look at the Libra when you look at the second. I do not believe fundamentally fits the fresh new nut regarding the sheet sets region. Mars when you look at the Libra is quite week assuming the about 2nd home, it’s actually weaker. But Venus during the Leo was a good position and i talked about this which have Youngjae!

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